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Navy Caps
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I had to clean
carburetor twice
before this would run
I took three years
for me to successfuly
cross under this
bridge on the
Guadeloupe River in
Passing under the
I've passed under the
bridge, which is 22
feet above the water
Motoring on Lake
Placid, looking North
Looking back at
Railroad bridge on
Lake Placid
Drifting on Lake
Placid, The wind on
I10 was blowing 15mph
Looking North East
Lake Placid
Looking South on Lake
Just south of this
is the US90 Alt
bridge which is maybe
20 feet above the water
Sails are slack, even
though there is plenty
of wind on the
Freeway, both sides of
the lake are skirted
by tall Cypress trees,
which block the wind
More Slack Sails
Frimi has a Leak, she
took on a few gallons,
about 4 inches deep on
the cabin sole
The leak is at the
stern of the
centerboar trunk
Leak detail 01
Mothers Stockdale
House North Side
Mothers Stockdale
house north side 02
Motoring Upwind from
Cove Harbor Marina.
Motoring to Red Nun
bouy near that white
Starboard View
Sailing back to Cove
Harbor Marina.
Looking Back as I
sail to Cove Harbor
Turtle Bayou Island
Sailing into Cove
Turtle Bayou Island
on the Port side
I sat on the Tiller
approaching the Dock
I wrapped the saftey
lanyard around the
Prop just before
hitting the Dock
A mistake picture of
the Boat storage
Cove Harbor
anonther Mistake
Wrapped it real good!
Broke the plastic part
that goes beneath the
kill switch
Morning Sun Shines
through the Bulkhead
below the forward
Sun doesn't shine
through below the
Bad Picture of
a Real Estate sign
down the road from
our lots
A possible Real
Estate company to sell
the Rockport Lots